Hello and welcome to the Fairy Tail app game mobile site!

Please keep in mind that this page is created mostly by Android users. If you play the game using the IOS servers, you may notice some differences.

We will try to provide you with the best mobile experience we can, but please check out the desktop site when you can!

Beginner's Guides Edit

These guides are to help you get started with the game! Even if you are an experienced player we hope some of these guides might be helpful.

Getting Started

Who to Contact


In Game Currency


Building a Team

Being in a Guild

World of the Game Edit

Here you will find information on what activities and features are available to you within the game.



VIP levels and perks

Guild Life

Timed Events

Translations and Typos

Common Problems

Learn more about available Activities and Events


This section is a catalogue of the attainable character cards in-game.


2-Star Cards

3-Star Cards

4-Star Cards

5-Star Cards

6-Star Cards

7-Star Cards

Special Event Cards


This section is a catalogue of the attainable equipment in-game.

2-Star Equipment

3-Star Equipment

4-Star Equipment

5-Star Equipment

6-Star Equipment

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