Previous Evolution

Base Stats Edit

Qualification: SS

Type of boost: Power

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 15101
Defense 741
Attack 1886
Magic 1878

Nirvana Edit

Ice Devil Slayer Magic Edit

Attacks all targets, and may freeze them so they can't attack.

Natural Edit

Ice Devil's Rage Edit

Attacks all vertical targets.

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equipment Boost
Fa.son Gray Life 25%
Experiment Keith Defense 24%
Tartaros Jackal, Keith Attack 29%
L. power Bright Ring Attack 28%
Demon Seal D.Demon armor Defense 22%
Devilpower Demon Sword Defense 32%

Awakening Edit

Energy increase 2 Edit

Increase 2 point magical energy before fighting

Dodge increase 4 Edit

Dodge rate increased by 12%

Parry increase 5 Edit

Block rate increase by 24%

Crit increase 5 Edit

Critical rate increased by 25%

Magic 6 Edit

Damage increased by 30%