There is only one way to attain a seven star card and that is through evolving a six star card. Evolving a card requires gold coins, evolutionary stones, and one other copy of the six star card that you are evolving. The 5th time a card is evolved, it requires two copies of the card, but after this final evolution it will become a seven star card.

Additional InformationEdit

There are 2 ways to obtain the 7 Star Card . You can gain it when you reach a high number at recharging diamonds or when you manage it to obtain 160 fragments from the black market.


Qualifications Type of Boost
Zeref SS+ All
Gray SS Magic
Wendy SS+ Magic
Natsu SS+ All
Mavis SS+ All
7 Star Card SS- All
Acnologia SS+ All
Gildarts SS+ Attack
Mard SS Attack

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