We have a new update! With this update came a few new cards! Please feel free to check them out.

Name Qualifications Type of Boost Stars of New Cards
Future Rogue SS Attack 5 Star , 6 Star
Spirit King SS- Power 6 Star
Bluenote SS- Attack 6 Star
Zero SS- Power 6 Star
Minerva SS- All 6 Star
Rogue SS- Attack 6 Star
Brain SS- All 6 Star
Sting SS- Attack 6 Star
Jura SS- All 6 Star
Kagura SS- Attack 6 Star
Seven Dragon A Attack 4 Star
Kama A Power 4 Star
Kamika B+ Magic 3 Star
Cosmos B Magic 3 Star
Uosuke B Power 3 Star
Neppa B- All 3 Star

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