Previous Evolution

Base Stats Edit

Qualification: S+

Type of Boost: Magic

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 1277
Defense 151
Attack 813
Magic 851

Nirvana Edit

Genesis Zero Edit

Attacks all targets

Natural Edit

Dark Capriccio Edit

Attacks a single target

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equpiment Boost
S.P. Brain, Hoteye Attack 29%
Adoptive Brain Life 24%
Reborn Six Erigor, Racer, Cobra Attack 31%
Demon Pact Devil Ring Attack 28%
HellSong Purgatory Armor Magic 32%
Hell force Purgatory Knife Defense 32%

Awakening Edit

Cold-blooded 2 Edit

For each enemy killed in battle, magic increases by 4% (up to 5 rounds)

Increase life 2 Edit

Life increased by 10%

Magic growth 2 Edit

Increase skill damage by 15%

Dodge increase 2 Edit

Dodge rate increased by 6%

Damage Potential 3 Edit

When life is less than 50% damage is increased by 15%