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Base Stats Edit

Qualifications: SS

Type of Boost: Attack

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 9890
Defense 655
Attack 2831
Magic 1917

Nirvana Edit

Spell Dead Memory Edit

Attacks all targets and then they cant physically attack

Natural Edit

Thistle and Thorns Edit

Attack back row target

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equipment Boost
Zeref-D6 Zeref Attack 26%
Big demons END, Zeref Attack 30%
Ultimate Natsu, Gray Life 30%
G. Guard Gold Crown Attack 32 %
G. Wing Gold Wing Defense 32 %
G. Law Gold Armor Magic 32 %

Awakening Edit

Crit up 4 Edit

Critical rate increased by 20%

Parry up 4 Edit

Block rate increase by 20%

Attacks up 7 Edit

Attack power increased by 35%

Magic 6 Edit

Damage increased by 30%

Attack Aura 7 Edit

Attack power increased by 14% of all players

Underworld King Edit

Up attack, magic and life by 50 %