Previous Evolution

Base Stats Edit

Qualification: SS

Type of Boost: All

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 11958
Defense 717
Attack 2531
Magic 2159

Nirvana Edit

Grimoire Law Edit

Attacks all targets

Natural Edit

Formula 28 Edit

Attacks front target (front row goal)

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equpiment Boost
D.B. mage Zero , Zeref, Brain Life 31%
D. master Bluenote Magic 24%
T.U.M.W. Zeref, Kain , Hikaru, Rustyrose Magic 33%
G. Master Makarov, Gildarts, Mavis Vermilion Magic 35%
D. glory Devil Ring Attack 28%
Devilheart Demon Sword Defense 32%

Awakening Edit

Holy damage 4 Edit

Final damage increased 300

Destroy 4 Edit

Each killed an enemy in battle, increasing attack power by 5% (up to 5 rounds)

Magic growth 5 Edit

Increase skill damage by 30%

Crit aura 2 Edit

All players critical rate increased by 3% in battle

Magic 6 Edit

Damage increased by 30%