Fragments are puzzle pieces used to create character cards. There are 2 types of fragments, 4 star (purple) and 5 star (gold).

By attaining 30 4 star fragments, you will be able to create a 4 star card that you can then use in battle, or pull apart for various rewards. The same goes for 5 star fragments, except the required number of fragments to create the card is increased to 60 fragments.

There are several way to acquire fragments, you can earn them by:

  • Certain tasks have a chance to drop specific fragments
  • Gemini can get fragments for existing 5* star
  • You can buy them in "magic shops" and "black store" (Stores)
    • Additional information: Its recommend to buy 5 or 10 pieces, because the price for 2 pieces is higher (3 additional magic crystal for each fragment)
  • Placing in the top 10 in the daily world dragon event
    • Additional information: You gain a Jigsaw Bag, which contains 10 random 5* fragments.
  • Participating in the S-Class mage events
  • Turntable sweepstakes
    • Additional information: You can gain a Jigsaw Bag, which contains 10 random 5* fragments
  • Visiting the door of trials on certain days and completing "Magnolia Town" events
  • Opening Jigsaw Bags

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