Compete with other players indirectly to see who can survive the most checkpoints and earn the most stars, with only their current line up! No props, no line-up changes, once you begin you will continue as far as you can, trying to earn the most stars and receive the best awards by coming top! You have 3 tries daily! You can start after you reach level 20!

You can get 3 stars every stage:

1 for each of the follwing:

- victory.

- noone being killed.

- quick: beat the opponent within 4 rounds.

There are 5 classes:

B (Until level ~30)

A (from level ~31-36)

S (from level 37-43)

SS (from level 44-65)

SSS (level 66+)

There are 3 checkpoint difficulties:

Depending on what you choose, the factor of stars you get changes.

Weak: is the easiest one, factor: 1x

Enemy: a bit more difficult, factor 2x

Rival: the hardest one, factor 3x

General reward Edit

Every 5 stages you will get a reward, depending on how many stars you collect.

When you gather 45 stars in:

SSS - Class you get:

270 000 gold, 4 gold chests, 4 gold keys and 40 diamonds.
SS - Class you get:
135 000 gold, 2 gold chests, 2 gold keys and 20 diamonds.
S - Class you get:

A - Class you get:

B - Class you get:

Otherwise you get lower amount of gold and no diamonds. Also the chest type can change into silver/bronze. (except in SSS - class, you get 10 diamonds and 2 gold chests + 2 keys by gathering 42 stars)

Top 20 Reward Edit

When you got on the list you will get a diamond reward on the next day. Depending on ur rank (sadly this is only the data I got - maybe someone can help out):

SSS Edit

Rank 1: 600 Diamonds

Rank 2: 320 Diamonds

Rank 3:

Rank 4:

Rank 5:

Rank 6-20: 120 Diamonds

SS Edit

Rank 1: 500 Diamonds

Rank 2: 280 Diamonds

Rank 3:

Rank 4:

Rank 5: 110 Diamonds (not 100 % sure)

Rank 5-20: 100 Diamonds

S Edit

Rank 1: 400 diamods

Rank 2:

Rank 3:

Rank 4:

Rank 5:

Rank 6-20:

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