So you've decided to create a guild!. Whether you're a seasoned president or a total newbie, there is a definite thrill in gathering people together to try and create the strongest guild.

Requirements Edit

To create a guild you must be at least a level 30 and have 500 diamonds. You do not necessarily have to wait for the 24 cool down required if you just left a guild, however you will not be able to donate to your new guild if you had already donated to your old guild that day. On new servers you will typically see a race to level 30 to see who can make a new guilds the fastest. Keep in mind if you're creating a guild on an older server, you might have to work twice as hard to catch up and be one of the strongest.

Naming Edit

Naming your guild is one of the hardest parts about creating a new guild. You can never change the name and it reflects on who you will bring in and what kind of guild you have. You only get six characters for a name so make them count. Be aware that there could already be a guild with the name you want.

Selecting Members Edit

Not only do you get to pick the new members of your guild, you also get to pick your Vice President. When picking your VP, it is suggested either picking someone you know, or specifically recruiting someone who either has experience running a guild or experience with the game. Sometimes running a guild for the first time can be overwhelming and having someone there to ask for opinions is helpful.

When selecting members for your guild you can only see their level, not their combat power. Sometimes their level is not reflective of their combat power. You can set boundaries for your guild when adding new members such as: Only over level 35 or Only active members. While it may seem harsh to have these boundaries, they are sometimes necessary when people quit the game. You do have the ability to kick someone out for any reason. On a newer server, you will typically get an incredible amount of people applying. You do not have to accept every person that applies. You do have a limit and it wise to be selective of who you pick. On older servers you may have to do some recruiting. Recruiting is easiest through world chat but if you are doing more selective recruiting, it is best to just send people you are interested in a message.

Building Your Guild Edit

Typically you want to level up your Guild Hall first. This will not only give you more room for new members but will give you a chance to quickly build up your Magic Institute and Store. For more information on building and maintaining your guild, please visit our Leading a Guild page.

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