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Base Stats Edit

Qualification: SS-

Type of Boost: Magic

The base stats for a level one card are as follows:

Life 1544
Defense 172
Attack 613
Magic 723

Nirvana Edit

Heavenly Gathering of Clouds Edit

Cure front row cards and improve their attack and magic.

Natural Edit

Sky God's Bellow Edit

Attacks vertical target

Fetters Edit

Name Characters/Equpiment Boost
Sky Magic Wendy Magic 25%
Cousin Jiery Defense 26%
God Mage Zancrow, Orga Magic 28%
God Slayer Destroy God Ring Attack 24%
S. wing Heaven's Wheel Armor Magic 28%
Kill God D.G. Pike Defense 24%

Awakening Edit

Justice 2 Edit

In a negative sate of enemy attack, damage is increased by 20%

Up life 2 Edit

Life increased by 10%

Dodge Up 3 Edit

Dodge rate increased by 9%

Healing Prayer 3 Edit

As the bench, between waves additional 5% recovery of life

God Armor 4 Edit

Suffered damage reduced by 20%