The Arena is the player vs player battleground within the game. You can compete in different ways with all the other players within your server to become the strongest player. Then once you reach the top, you can start all over again in another server!

Grand Magic Games Edit

Direct card battles with other players. Fight head to head to win your way up the leader board! Show the enemy no mercy, what does it matter if they're your guild mates.. Your friends? Kill them! Claim that title of Strongest Captain as your own!

Demon Hall Edit

Compete with other players indirectly to see who can survive the most checkpoints and earn the most stars, with only their current line up! No props, no line-up changes, once you begin you will continue as far as you can, trying to earn the most points and receive the best awards by coming top!

Plunder Edit

Who wants to work to earn Coins and equipment when you can steal it from other players?! Whoever manages to plunder the most will receive additional rewards! Watch out though, players will fight back to keep their treasure!

3V3 Points Race Edit

Not every player is your enemy right? That guy that's always one rank above you no matter what? Wouldn't it be nice if you could have him on your team for a change? Well in 3V3 you can! You and two random players team up to defeat as many opposing 3 player teams as you can! Spend Physical, not coins as you race to acquire the most points before the timer runs out! And if that guy ends up on the other team you can always refresh opponent right..?

Boss Dragon and Acnologia Edit

It's not like you can kill a dragon by yourself.. Not in one day anyway! But working with other players you can! Deal more damage to get more gold and receive more awards! Then, time your attack to get the final hit and win some great rewards! Team work. Sort of.

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